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Flatwillow Creek Outfitter

Listing Type: Outfitter/Guide
City: Winnett Montana
Phone: 429-5601
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Description: At Flatwillow Creek Outfitter, our services start with prairie dog hunts in June for the summer vacationer. This is a great family opportunity to get away from the fast lane and come enjoy a quiet weekend with us, or grab your buddies and come on out.

When the leaves start turning colors, fall brings us into archery season followed by rifle hunting. During this time we offer mule season followed by rifle hunting. Also, we offer mule deer, white tail, antelope, elk, varmints, and bird hunts as well as a combination deer/antelope hunt. Our hunting ground includes the lush creek bottoms or the timber scattered ridges south of the Missouri Breaks. Our big game hunts usually allow time for some bird hunting at the end of the day. This includes pheasants, sage, grouse, sharptail grouse and water fowl if the weather permits.

We provide a comfortable hunting camp with two good, hot, ranch style meals a day plus a generous sack lunch while enjoying the hunt. Come enjoy a great hunting experience with Flatwillow Creek Outfitters. We are here to satisfy your hunting needs.

Directions: Flatwillow Creek Outfitters is located in the heart of Montana. Found just 100 miles north of Billings is a small town of Winnett. This little town in Petroleum County has a very big reputation for providing some of Montana's best hunting. Our ranch resides just 13 miles east of Winnett. This acreage provides our camp and the majority of our many acres that we hunt for the 'big' one. - A Montana Outfitter and Guide Directory
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