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Glacier Gateway Outfitters

Listing Type: Outfitter/Guide
City: East Glacier Park Montana
Phone: 226-4408

Description: Glacier Gateway Outfitters provides many types of adventures along with cowboy horseback riding by the hour.

Two Medicine Trail Ride'A guided horseback excursion upriver into the Two Medicine River Gorge. Experience unbelievable scenery traveling into the heart of Native American lands, much the same as they were last century. Native American guide will direct you to buffalo jumps, geological oddities and describe plant relationships as well as local folklore. Beside the pristine waters and you will have the opportunity to observe wildlife at its 'wildest.'

Mountains of Glacier Trail Ride'A guided horseback trip along the eastern border of Glacier National Park. The maintained trail takes you to lofty sites and into the mountainous terrain that has to be seen to be believed. This ride will take you to the foot hills of Mt. Henry. Due to the narrow paths and heavy brush all riders are required to ride in a single file.

Looking Glass overview ride'All the beauty of the mountain front at your fingertips. The greatest view of looking glass without the bother of vehicles. One of our most popular rides. This ride is Cowboy style not required to ride in a line.

1 hour trail - $25.00 per person. 2 hour trail - $48.00 per person. 1/2 day trail ride - $94.00 per person. Full day horse ride - $175.00 per person

Directions: Glacier Gateway Outfitters is located off Highway 49, directly across from the Glacier Park Lodge. - A Montana Outfitter and Guide Directory
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