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Armells Creek Outfitters

Listing Type: Outfitter/Guide
City: Roy Montana
Phone: 464-2281
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Description: Hunt the coveted Missouri River Breaks of Montana. Armells Creek Outfitters takes it name from the massive Armells Coulee drainage that runs through the ranch in the Missouri River Breaks of Central Montana. We boast a large hunting area consisting primarily of family owned private land and leases on neighboring ranches.

Our area is some of the most sought after hunting in Central Montana. The terrain is varied, from the rough coulees and timbered ridges of the Breaks favored by the elk and mule deer to the creek bottoms rich with whitetail and pheasant. The prairies abound with antelope, coyotes, prairie dogs, and numerous species of upland game birds. We have lived and hunted in this area for over 25 years. This is the quality hunt you've been looking for!

Directions: Armells Creek Outfitters is located 35 miles northeast of Lewistown and approximately 135 miles north of Billings. Armells Coulee and most of our hunting territory lie another 12 to 15 miles north of Roy in the rugged and beautiful Missouri River Breaks. - A Montana Outfitter and Guide Directory
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