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Paws Up Outfitters

Listing Type: Outfitter/Guide
City: Greenough Montana
Phone: 800-473-0601
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Description: Somewhere, deep in the wilderness of Montana, the sun rises on a handful of adventurers. They wake to the intoxicating aroma of French toast and gourmet coffee. A few more winks and they rise from their featherbeds. No, it's not morning at a remotely located Ritz. It's another day of adventure and luxury in the vast Bob Marshall Wilderness, courtesy of Paws Up Outfitters.

This is no camping trip in the woods. This is far more refined. Here, Montana's sun-drenched days bring some of the world's most legendary fly-fishing -- while sunset brings unforgettable stories, a pepper-crusted venison and a chilled Chalk Hill Chardonnay. Out in 'The Bob,' you'll wander streams filled with eager cutthroat and bull trout. Feel the adrenaline from frequent strikes- perfect drift or not. Embark on a big game hunt, expertly stalking prey by day, sipping cognac by firelight. Or choose a bit of everything, from photography to rafting to hiking and more, all nestled comfortably in the lap of luxury.

At the helm of each new adventure are guides who have literally spent decades in the wild. They have been selected from the best of the best. So, our name may be new, but our experience is older than the hills.

Before and after your pack trip, we welcome you to pamper yourself at the Resort at Paws Up, a base camp that defies the term base camp. Here you'll find Montana's first truly luxury resort, with the handiwork of a worldly chef, a full Spa and even an Olympic-class equestrian center. This remote, sprawling 37,000-acre resort is just 35 minutes from the Missoula Airport.

The destination is incomparable. The journey is unforgettable. We are Paws Up Outfitters, and this is roughing it, redefined.

Directions: Paws Up Outfitters is located on Highway 200, Mile Marker 25, east of Missoula. - A Montana Outfitter and Guide Directory
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