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Lake Upsata Outfitters

Listing Type: Outfitter/Guide
City: Ovando Montana
Phone: 800-594-7687
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Description: Lake Upsata Outfitters offers horsepack trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness and fall hunting for elk and deer from a pack-in wilderness camp.

Catering to families or small groups, we offer summer horseback trips for fishing, camping, horseback riding in one of the great unspoiled areas of the U.S.

Hunt the early season when the bull elk are bugling. We have hunted from the same camp since 1964. Let us take you for a wilderness experience you will remember for a long time.

Directions: Lake Upsata Outfitters is located in Ovando, Montana and we operate in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. - A Montana Outfitter and Guide Directory
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