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Southwest Montana Fishing Co.

Listing Type: Outfitter/Guide
City: Sheridan Montana
Phone: 800-DRY-FLYS (379-3597)

Description: Southwest Montana Fishing Co. is a home-owned business that specialized in making your fishing vacation memorable. We are based out of Sheridan, Montana and the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Jefferson, Ruby, and Madison Rivers are just a few minutes away.

We encourage fly fishing and catch and release. However, we have no problem with lure fishing and the 'hook 'em and cook 'em' philosophy. The local fish biologist encourages limited take and we have no reason to doubt his expertise.

You will be provided with transportation to and from the streams as well as a delicious shore lunch complete with the beverages of your choice. We always carry plenty of water and soft drinks as well as noncarbonated drinks if you prefer.

You will be asked to purchase a very limited amount of flies as we carry most of what is needed. Give us a call to book or just 'chew the fly' so to speak. We are always glad to help in any way that we can. We install fishing smiles. Allow us to send you home from your next vacation wearing a big smile.

Directions: Southwest Montana Fishing Company is located in Sheridan, Montana. - A Montana Outfitter and Guide Directory
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